Lyrics to Rebel Jew
Rebel Jew Video:
In the times I dream Jesus
it's like he's coming through the walls
when I'm working at my desk at night
I hear his footsteps in the hall

you can believe me not believe me
I'm just a bird upon the sill
and these words just pour right through me
like water through a mill

he was a rebel jew
he was a rebel jew
and he died for you and your sins
he was a rebel jew
he was a rebel jew
let him in

sometimes I dream of Texas
yeah, it's the biggest part of me
and the planes look like the sea at night
oh, she wants to be so free

she is a rebel state
she is a rebel state
and it's not too late for her to break
from a sick, sick union
an unhealed wound and separate

all the time I dream of Michelle
and the towers in her mind
some women lie down with killers
oh, my baby's not that kind

she is a real good girl
yeah, she's a real good girl
and she stops the world so I can't see
that she's a good, good girl
a good, good girl to me
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