Lyrics to Rebecca
Rebecca Video:
It's been a while since I spoke like a human
Haven't seen you in over half a decade and haven't talked since I moved
And the home town harmony's telling me you've been bad
Grieving over the fact that you're losing your baby's dad
But it's not just that, you're farther into the crack
Heard you're walking a track and marching into the trash

Fuck praying, 'cause I've been silent for years
I'm sick of trying to be a man about it and hide my tears
And fuck the judgment, I've got a messed up past
But when asked or confronted, I shut down fast
And the truth is, girl I cry when I think of you
And write a million songs that imma never get to sing with you

Talk about the places imma never get to bring you to
Show you what it's like to build a life and learn a thing or two
What hurts me is that I love you, 'cause you're my older sister
The girl that I grew up with

Mom shuts down when I ask and dad's so sad
That I don't even know if he's ever gonna get past it
And really, I'm finding it hard for me to manage
Any close relationships without the fear of vanishing
All of this has been hard, I ain't denying it
I'm writing down this song as a product of my environment

so listen, they say that family is everything
It's more than just a house, two dogs and a wedding ring
It's a blossoming life and standing up to anything
Trying to take the people that you love to what it's meant to be

Yeah, so then where'd you go?
Prisoner in your body quarantined from your soul
And I know those drugs got you out in the cold
Got you spitting in the mouth of those showing you hope
So if you'd ever come through to your senses
I'll be right here, waiting for Rebecca

(Thanks to bodymodsoul and Francesca22 for correcting these lyrics)
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