Lyrics to Realizing
Realizing Video:
Let me relate you to something Maybe a piece of myself I`m so lonely- I don`t know why I don`t know why I feel so much aversion for those I look alike (Feel so much aversion for those I look alike) How foolish a man can be Closing my eyes I recollect remembering those Glory Days Looking for something different, intact, extravagant Leading me to entireness It`s so difficult to overtake the time lying on to your dreams But more difficult is to find one to trust in good and bad times I made the final mistake To believe everything around me as true Betraying my secrets to the Wrong I got to be their slave Like a fading flower I feel to myself to be as pure as them My only acquisition along with the black thoughts Was my own flesh Isolation-the only way to escape Betraying dreams and myself And now, living lonely in this town I try to live again screaming silently for my lost dreams

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