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Adam And Andrew

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Lyrics to Reality TV (Skit)
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(Andrew) we are here at TGI friday's looking for our next contestant on newest reality game show . there she is right over there. excuse me ma'am what's your name?

(old lady) what?

(andrew) what's your name?

(old lady) dorus

(andrew) well dorus i have good news

(dorus) you meen my husband is reaturning from world war two?

(andrew) no. no. you are a suprise contestant on our game show. it's the newest in reality Televition

(doeus) o my. that's wonderfull

(andrew) all you have to do is answer one question to help you out well ask you to do four CRAZY things in public.
and for each one you do sussesfully you will get a hint to the answer . if you guess correctly you will get the prize!

(dorus) what's the prize?

(andrew) the antidote

(dorus) what?

(andrew) that's right you are a suprise contestant on what's my dease?

(dorus) you gave me a dease?

(andrew) we injected it into your on tray

(dorus) is that legal?

(andrew) well i wouldn't waste any time talking cause in 20 minutes you wont be able to. dont worry that one is a freebe!

(dorus) oh my god this can't be happening!

(andrew) ha! you've got to love that sperit!we will see how she does after this comertial break!

(dorus) ow! my insides

(Thanks to Roni for these lyrics)
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