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Night Visions

Lyrics to Reality Met Childhood
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Running into the sea of dawn
Watching myself lost
Images of first deception
like a boy one year old
Innocence comes again and
Experience disappears
What does this involution mean?
Every second feeds the fear!

Maybe this is only death
Or what I was before the dawn
But I thought an unconscious brain was THE PEACE!

This trip makes me wonder:
"Do I deserve all I see?"
All the people that surround me
They don't feel like me!
Spend the nights in wasted reflections
Asking myself what God means
And I didn't know who I was AT ALL!

Paralyzed in those secret oceans
Maybe I'm only a depraved guy
Or maybe I'm too deep for superficial minds

Cause' once reality met childhood
A princess in a pool said these words to me:
"Don't you really know what all this means!"

My mind in distortion
My love is no inibition
The gods appear so clear
Blessed childhood is near!

Dawn is no more now
And reality comes clear
I've no more inibitions
I'm purified of every fear!
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