Real Love Lyrics

Quando Rondo


Lyrics to Real Love
Pooh, you a fool for this one
Go Grizz
Damn (But I [?] harder)
I changed, my nigga
Some things just don't come
Seem like every time you put your hand out, they get somebody, some nigga bite your shit
No, I ain' never gonna keep it real with them niggas, you heard me?
This shit, that's how shit go
Some things [?] like this
Check this out, yeah

My nigga took the charge for me, for that
[?] felon some steppers, bust that belly [?]
Dropped out my dome, I put [?] inside the [?]
The roof is thrilling like I changed since I got this deal
That really hurt me to my heart, Sosa died on this block
I got turned only [?], he paid him when he got a Glock
I was out searching for real love just like Mary J. Blige
I told a filthy ass Crip, "I love you in my heart"
Real love, yeah
I'm searching for real love
But I guess that I'm blind and I've been searching for so long, but I just can't seem to find it
I lost lil quafe to that heat, I want mama to count it
They sent lil' [?] up that creek, too much shit, I can't handle
He got a bitch on Facebook, what think you [?] the camera?
Took off his back and let is bust 'til this ain't got no ammo
Shout-out to [?], like, he taught me how to put the paper first
It hurt to face the fact my lil' cousin the [?]
And I'm the one showed you the shit, that's why I wanna slap ya'
All the [?], I'm sluggin', let you hit, that shit don't hold no value
Real love, yeah
I'm searching for real love
They put my dawg in the pavement and you ain't had to take a stand
Well, you still made a statement
Real love, yeah
I'm searching for real love
It's too late for all that barter love, I gotta show you [?] from the God of love
Young black mind, it chose the one, he took his family out of poverty
What you do when you've been crossed so many times without apology?
My naturalist [?], but I don't think I'm able to [?]
The way I've been a wheelchair, you would think I had it to say [?]
While I was lost seekin' for love, I lost myself, it ain't about it
I was writing raps just out my cell, I was screamin', "[?]," this not to the place to be
Who's going, thinks it's [?]? Strapped up my girl like [?]
Please don't play with us, we play with keys, all of my niggas ain't gotta be in the streets
Shotta droppin' a bag, I bet I'll get him deceased
A rare watched him put on his mask, I want them niggas six feet deep
Shotta who's on the floor, but still sang to the streets
Choppas, we let 'em bust 'em every time that it's beef
Tell me what you got or what, you can't take the better out of me
There's some cold-blooded killers who gon' [?] in these streets
We steppin' on them niggas every time that it's beef

Fuck nigga is goin' to sleep