Real Life Pt2 Lyrics

Yung Berg


Lyrics to Real Life Pt2
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Lord forgive me I'm still dealing with demons
I know it's a higher power I know it's a deeper meaning
But I'm living here by myself
Don't want to lace up these shoes nor tie my belt, fuck it!
Niggers hating on Jesus they even hating LeBron
Right hand on the bible left one on Coran
Sound of producing change your life to get the fuck you want
Twitter niggers gotta pay the price
But where the fuck was you when I needed that advice
Walking inside the club, he be pimpin tray that night
Dog had never been a problem with the D had
Bitches out west I was fucking like 3
Remember girl in that California king
Bitch you never had no problem with the D
Back on age was the main attraction
And that's what the fuck I call a chain reaction
Old 5 turn set LA guess what
Pulled up that truck wanted to be like Buck
Hopped out and a record plan made it to the front
Easy, door on the left opened up there she is
See in the damn thing she don't see and I see me
I was high as hell off that California sea weed
Hack to the left let me took my permit
Then my mentor he wanted me to be just like him
I was waiting for my moment, ye he started to cypher my thugs
When he start up humble out the carrion
So I did it I was in my bag
But them goon squad niggers they ain't feel my swag
I get, went from humble niggers pain to understand ya
48 laws about sharing my main stuff
Beg for it at the time now I write songs to patch it
Rewind in time I'll be back when shit matters
DMX days that made shit cray
Foul that had the club had a meeting at
He pay 600 just to slip me through the sides
Books say you coming with me everywhere that I go
Little nigga 4 foot up from Chicago
Spitting 16's to Jay Z with his eyes closed
Back to DMX that's my nigga don't fuck with me poor
Take the little nigga home
I don't ever wanna see you here without it
This a game but I won't forget about it
So I'm up in death camp with my dog walking
X was so huge that they could do nothing bout it
Smoking weed one day, heard screaming and talking
My dog took a shit in front on Leoh's office
Fast forward some time '03 in the summer
Should've made Amio dog with Erwin Wonder
But Jay's out with tiger and Troy's moving with Gaga
Me I'm still the prince, no relation to CyHi
Never know what you in for
Used to sleep dog on the UPM floors
'Cause I was a little brother
But my parents had millions, had to prove it to my mother
And I still ain't get that yet
Nominate me for a grammy I ain't get that yet
Respect from these motherfuckers I ain't get that yet
That's the old school whore I been getting that neck
But I'm never getting out the game
This time they gon' feel a nigga pain
'Cause I'm done
Ain't too freak, I've been fly
And this is real life motherfucker!

You think this shit is a fucking game
You little motherfucker
I'd love to beat my pain
Write these bars
Let you see what I went through
This ain't but the footprints in the sand
To let you get what you want to in life you feel me
Dreams come true my nigga
They hatin on me
And I'm back
You think I care about what you think or doing right now motherfucker
You always gonna need me bitch
You'll be back motherfucker, you all come back
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