Ready, Willing And Able Lyrics

Daron Norwood

Willing And Able

Lyrics to Ready, Willing And Able
Ready, Willing And Able Video:
Blue moon is rising, all hope seems gone
A heart can be lonely only so long
Baby don't worry 'cause somebody cares
Just call out my name and I'll be right there

If you need a shoulder strong enough to lean on
If you need a hand that fits like a glove
If you need a heart then hold on steady
'Cause I'm ready, willing and able to love

I know you're wary, you've been hurt before
But it's time to move on, girl, and close that old door
Open your heart, wipe those tears from your eyes
You've got my number, don't even think twice

(Repeat chorus)

Now you think it's over, my offer still stands
And if you're still uncertain, I'll say it again

(Repeat chorus)

Yes, I'm ready, willing and able to love
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