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Lyrics to Reading In The Dark
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Its no walk in the park with no light

I'm impatient and keen and I'm willing to fight,

I need help to carry on

And get through this mess that I'm working on.

Where do I start, do I finish?

Is it easy, is it hard, is it right, is it wrong?

How many questions am I allowed to ask,

Before I fall down and I'm carried along.

I am reading in the dark of this lighted room,

Thinking of my options that will not begin to bloom,

It's getting more complicated,

By the minute.

When you're looking outside at that tall grey brick wall,

And a bird catches gaze, falls and stumbles, then squalls,

You can't help but think of those unfortunate lies,

That can bury themselves but will suddenly arise.

How many crows must you count and then stall

Must you think about carefully then lose and so ball?

When lies do arise can you hide them with truth,

Or do they drift, from me to you?
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