Lyrics to Reachin' Out
Reachin' Out Video:
I say, hey, baby dollYou swing your shit like a wreckin' ball5 foot 11 inches tall Dark brown eyes, caramel skin I ain't seen you all my life, sugar, where you beenTell me, who's your friend, 'cause this is my man So won't you set it off ???between 'em??? love 'cause that's the plan Hook your friend with my man Come sit in my lapI'll listen to ya yap then I'll bust my rap I'll size up your gap You size up my boneIt's thick and meaty like a hot calzoneFresh out the oven with the all night lovin'I'll freak the styles you like but don't get from your husband And when I call just tell em' I'm your cousin I got a dozen cousins just like youCHORUS: Cockni O'DireVERSE: Divine StlyerCHORUSHey shorty earth piece Stop me dead Had to cease in my tracks Run up and ask At any time in your life have you been blessed No need to second guess You be bangin' like that dress Hangin' off your frame If it's all the same Let me throw ya my gameHit ya for your name Plus your area code I might overload But I won't explode, baby doll, until your readyMy name ain't crazy legs, hon, but I can rock it steadyBlowin' up the spot like Jay Paul GettiCHORUS

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