Re-write Yesterday Lyrics

Chad Brownlee

Chad Brownlee

Lyrics to Re-write Yesterday
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Verse 1:
When I look back, my life reads like a book.
I can't believe I'm standing here, all the chances that I took.
The good and bad along the way, I wouldn't change a single page,
If I could re-write yesterday...

My first beer, my first fight,
My first girl and my first right,
My history of scars and victories...

Lots of roads of twists and turns,
Lessons that you live and learn,
Along the way, We'll re-write yesterday.

Verse 2:
I haven't driven these old streets in years,
What made me who I am, all started right back here.
Well I wrecked my bike one saturday, I learned to drive that Chevrolet.
I wouldn't re-write yesterday.



The sweat and tears of lives and years have brought me here today,
There's nothing i would change, I'd live it all the same!

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