Lyrics to Ray's Cafe
Ray's Cafe Video:
We gonna take it deep, raise cafe
We got the low nice tables outside
Or what I call Boggy Loui barbeque
Coolest and all that depends all on you
I'm about to take you in his zone man it's sais the ...and some barbeques
Well my man is rain on the drill
All the time chilling, how time fly
None harder in my eyes , the beat it's like uuh
Next the stabs it's all, relaxe more, next will swimming on that freak but that's all
Ain't burn vanilla buts down to duch in the sinner
Pur rummers in the air like inner
Fun time wanna loud disturbing by one time
Cuz anybody know thing will be craking the sun down
Ya'll like's a little cause your own ice don't shake some more or ..
Ball some more glass, ex confecion , re-box with it
Diggy show so flexing, damn she's nasty but that's a hole ...
It determinate on the ...
No fuck the fun up, stakes and fun done up
Back to ya'all smokes a little five to summer
Welcome to Raise Cafe
Outdoors to out poors to ya'll grand
Welcome to Raise Cafe
Welcome not selfish
Shuts at the cake great ...
This is a ...busting, how's the flashing bones
Get prepared in the dark
Everyone it's analogy
Feeling the sky showing no sings to down poor
Out of's what they come for
Then wait thigs poping thinking that July 4
Each day it's a hollyday we keeping it fine
We keeping it fine going, witing a new time for drama
This ain't the place to said it all
Dice, get the gun and get gone
Grown for relax like I don't suppose to head up
Now listen to myself and now focus
Split to my soul and make it criticle 'til I'm in hospice
Watch this .., Coco, Sambuca no joke
Ninety nine banana's time liquore it's no come
Welcome to Rise Cafe
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