Lyrics to Ravenwoods
Ravenwoods Video:
In silence with fear
They hear the whispers
Calling through deepness
With regret they walk
On way of witness forgotten beneath
Leaves embraced by ancient screams
No shadows would follow
If they step inside the horror
On this spiritual way
We seek the innocence
With our shadows in darkness
We bleed and die
Gathered to be one
United for the undone
We are rising
Black hearts welcome
And souls awake
The crow shows the way
With hatred in roots
The darkest will rise from ravenwoods
Souls of ancients here they are
With no mercy hunger to flesh and blood
In darkness they show the presence of
Black hearts

Embrace regret with time
Don't try to hide
When they're behind
Whispers of woods become thundering growls
This is horror assembled in roots
No way to escape your soul will fade
This is the constant fate
The final step is taken
Pain will be faced
On dimensions arrival
They could see the crest

To the grace
Of dread
Forbidden to
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