Rattle Your Cage Lyrics

Barren Cross

Rattle Your Cage

Lyrics to Rattle Your Cage
Rattle Your Cage Video:
Every Sunday morning as l sit in the morg
Watching the sea of heads nod back and forth
They cry how bad things have gotten in the past few years
Then they walk out the door back to their chores
Dead from ear to ear

You just can't go on and think that it's all right
Just sit back and let someone else fight
What will it take to bring you back to life?
To get you up and fight

I'm gonna rattle your cage - don't you see what's happening here
I'm gonna rattle your cage - your eyes are open but you just don't care
I'm gonna rattle your cage - you say "oh l want this world to change"
I'm gonna rattle your cage - nothing's gonna change if you just complain

Politician one or politician two?
They're gonna make it happen all for you
Making laws you don't believe in
So you turn the tube off ' cause you had enough
Back in your world again


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