Lyrics to Rated Are
Rated Are Video:
She refuses to worship
Her father from above
But she wants to be angel
As she lives like a slut
And the day comes
The ice breaks
She's collapsed in her lungs
She wants to speak
But her words are nothing more
Than a gasp for clean water
A gasp for more.

And gills form
So elegant
Wrapping vines around her legs
It forms a colorful question
Her beauty's taken in
By the sea.
So she breathes

Your body it needs to scream
I believe.
I believe.
I'm breathing believe.

Now caged without steel
The ocean is a prison
As she watches the tide to the shore
She wants nothing more
She wants nothing more.

So she counts her blessings
And remembers what they told her
About the body and blood of a man.
She never thought she believe in anything
After the night she gave up everything for him
She now understands
You win
You win.

As she gulps up holy water

(Thanks to Matt for these lyrics)
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