Lyrics to Ramshackle Day Parade
Ramshackle Day Parade Video:
Muffle the drums
the hope of a new century comes
was it all the amphetamine presidents
and their busy wives
or did manhatten crumble
the day Marlyn died

all your life, dreamer of dreams
somehow connected with the silver screen
half closed eyes, you realize
loving the life that is paradise
and the technicolor
I dream a parade like some club house
club house serenade
every dog must have his day

Ramshakle Day Parade
We're going on though

This is the ramshakle day parade
of all those lost, unborn, and unmade
and who's heads got filled with a neon lava
and remain buried underneith this road
Ramshakle Day Parade

Taken' the freight elevator
and the incinerator
to the hopped up G-men riding
refridgered alagators
faces of the civil wars, and holograms holding 44's
after the deranged cowboys
bring out the banners of stalingrad
here come the marching band
the band of the underhand

This is the ramshakle day parade

(Thanks to Jay Caronna for these lyrics)
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