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I was riding on a train From Paris to Copenhagen Next to me sat a lady She was a real beauty She offered me a cigarette And I did not regret Taking it when I realized It was made of strange tobacco Since I'm such a nice guy I said of course merci beaucoup "Parlez-vous anglaise?" I said "Yes", she said, "A little bit." Where do you come from? Where're you're goin' to? Blah blah blah and all that shit I felt so bored I was just about to fall asleep She said "My name is Ramona And I come from Roma. Tell me what's your name?" I said "Are you from the CIA or what? I don't wanna get involved in your game." Her name was Ramona Na na na na ... She came from Roma Na na na na ... She said "Listen, boy be patient. Don't ya be afraid. I just wanna talk to you. You're not gonna get laid. I'm working for the french ambassador Of the Vatican state." And she talked about religion Jesus and Maria I said "I believe in Satan. Let`s stop the coversation." But she talked like miss machinegun Faster than a train runs We were just talking about politics The pope and Mafia Suddendly she was quit And said "I think I'm talking too much." I said "No, no, no why don't you carry on. I'm getting all excited Tell me your top secret Just look into my eyes Don't I look like a true And innocent kind of boy? Lady, you can trust me I won't tell nobody" "Okay", she said, "Now listen careful 'Cause I won't repeat Here comes my top secret It's gonna knock you off your seat." She said "I know that the Vatican state Is the headquarter of the Mafia And the pope is the god father Long live Italia!" Her name was Ramona Na na na na ... She came from Roma Na na na na ...

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