Lyrics to Ramblings I
Ramblings I Video:
but i think your drums areno cheep oneshey everybody uh this is eddie from pearl jamand jeffand me tooand mikeand it's me mikeand i'd talk to you if i could fucking see you if i talk i'd fuck up the song so sorryand he cusses too every time he talkesand davedaves heredaves not here anddave is in the housedave is hereI am the chief who undress in a green prom dresshe's not a quiet percussion one he's the new not quiet hard hitting onei'm not the grinch cuse I didn't have a drinkanyway we all thought we'd wish you a merry Christmasand we're very happy right now cause we're on tour with the chilli peppersand that's them playing in the background and a happy new yearand god bless everyone everywherethat was mike he's tiny Tim nowand this is eddie saying i'm a rhino and my skin is two feet thickso we'll leave you with this song and thank you again byese you merry Christmasmerry christman woo no cheep oneshappy happyness is goodyes we like thathappy (x7) is goodyou think the slayer tour is out or whatthe slayer tours not happpering this yearwe should probley rap this up cuseSee yabeing paied right nowbye merry Christmasbye slayer happy new year that was ment to blow up your speakersthis is my it's actually the devil in santa clauses suit after all if you switch the letters around in santa it speels satinyou gotta switch em around and change a couple of them i just saw that last night on the news you know those little...

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