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Why am I here, if you're there
So far away, it's not fair
To be without you like this
I miss you more than you know
The nights are long, the days slow
Without the warmth of your kiss
Wish you were back here with me
Cause out my window, all I can see

Rain, rain in the sky
Everywhere I look, my eyes see
Rain, rain fallin' down
Crying as it hits the ground
Rain, rain in my heart
Every day that we're apart
Rain, rain
Falling rain, rain
Rain, rain
Only rain, rain

The sun is strong, when you're near
But when you're gone, it disappears
Behind an ocean of blue
The telephone's not good enough
It can't reach out, it can't touch me
Like the way you do
Wish you would knock at my door
Cause only you can stop the pouring


Maybe I'll go outside
And walk beneath the clouds
Pretend it's you that's watching over me
This isn't the only thing
That comes between us now
Baby soon we'll be together

(Everywhere I look, I see rain)
(Everywhere I look, I see rain)
(Everywhere I look, I see rain)
(Everywhere I look, I see rain)
(Everywhere I look, I see rain)
(Everywhere I look, I see rain)
(Rain, rain in the sky)
(Everywhere I look, my eyes see rain)
(Rain falling down)
(Crying as it hits the ground)
Don't, don't let it hit the ground
(Rain, rain in my heart)
(Everyday that we're apart)
(Rain, rain)
(Falling rain, rain)
(Rain, rain)

Everywhere I look, I see rain
Everywhere I look, I see rain
But I don't see you
You're not near me
I need you....
It'll never be the same
If you don't stop the rain
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