Lyrics to Rah Rah Shit
Rah Rah Shit Video:
[Q-Tip:] (Uh... uh... uh... uh...)


I'm on that rah rah shit, that rah rah shit
[Tek:] (I've had it up to here with y'all weak-ass rappers)
I'm on that rah rah shit, that rah rah shit
[Buckshot:] (Contracts and all that, guns, guns)
I'm on that rah rah shit, that rah rah shit
(I've had it up to here with y'all weak-ass rappers)
I'm on that rah rah shit, that rah rah shit
[Method Man:] (Like a gat, I wanna break fool, cock me back)

Yo, aiyo
The flow is so butter, the beat is so gutter
This type shit'll have you clap you a nucca
Bucka, what you really thought this gon be?
With this shit Marco bang from his MP?
Coupled with all of the bullshit that's in these streets
This is N.W.A slash BDP
Slash Onyx slash Hit Squad and Kool G
Slash Bomb Squad, nigga, we PE
It'll take a nation of millions to hold me back
The poor schools, AIDS, guns and crack - prrah
Same difference, flame spittin, a bunch of gays sittin
In corporate offices talkin 'bout what the game missin
You and your carpet collaborator made it a caucus
And all your fine designs, food, frontin as bosses
Fuck it, I don't give a damn how much you spin like a ceiling fan
I was raised how I just could kill a man
Really man, I'm a Dame Grease and Dilla fan
Shout to Mally G, Da Youngsta's in Philly, man


So any time I say rah rah shit while I'm out on the tour
Let me hear the crowd roar
And if the drums bang hard like it's cops at the door
Let me hear it once more

Shit spitteral, more General than [? ]
I'm precisely pinnin the problem, clear and plain
On my fresh to def shit like I'm Dana Dane
I'm the future, present, the past from where we came
Brooklyn, nigga, wear your chain, we dare you, mane
Shit'll disappear like it's David Blane
Lotta bullshit be makin it, y'all just be takin it
Nigga, do yo dance, lean with it, shake with it
Once it get back to the spot that created it
I'm a make the fuckin earth quake with it
Sacred is the cash, muthafuckas sell they ass
In some skin-tight jeans, lookin queer as fags
Even got the gays biz, nigga that's just sad
Yeah, I say what you feel but scared


Counter attack, counterproductive, counter-react
Put your money on the counter, get the quality back
Niggas spittin lightweight, get your calories back
If you markin the price up, get your salaries capped
It's flattery that, you like it when I batter that track
And try to clone my whole zone when you craftin your rap
But just face it, brutally, at best your bars basic
The time it take to create is timely time wasted
Be cautions when you coppin what me and Marco creatin
A simple song savor to have you down at the station
See, he make violent beats, I'm from the violent streets
The Double Barrel sound, that's when violence meets

[Redman:] (All-out wild shit, that rah rah shit
That jump-up-and-ready-to-fuck-shit-up-now shit)

[Hook x2]
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