Lyrics to Ragin' Eyes
Ragin' Eyes Video:
Well I know a little girl Lives over there She looks so square But for a pair of ragin' eyes Oh she's got ragin' eyes   Well she ain't such a beauty Hardly a Juliet But she can roll a Romeo And then do his duty With those ragin' eyes, ragin' eyes   * She's got ragin' eyes Who wants to tell her Ragin' eyes, oh ragin' eyes Not this fellow, ragin' eyes   Sometimes she's hot Sometimes she's gaily Her mama said that even Back when she was a baby She had ragin' eyes, ragin' eyes   * repeat Well she can work those lights So they fiddle with the traffic Sometimes she's mean As an M-16 automatic Oh she's got ragin' eyes She's got ragin' eyes, ragin' eyes Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Ragin' eyes

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