Lyrics to Raft Ants
Raft Ants Video:
Nasdaq, stealth tax, Big Mac, heart attack
White bread, Emin bed, in bred, pellet fed
High camp, rubberstamp, wheel-clamp, rising damp
Tim Roth, Tiger Moth, altar cloth, froth

Raft ants, lap-dance, GM plants, sycophants
Ebiola, Coca Cola, Emil Zola, Motorola
Marquee moon, Looney tunes, what's up, wooden spoon
Cheap laugh, aftermath, autograph, acid bath

Social climb, parking fine, prime time, quick lime
Chief greeter, wife beater, by the hour, off the meter
Lawn mower, flame thrower, watch out, whistle blower
Cheap tabs, land grab, space lab, rehab
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