Lyrics to Radio Cheese
Radio Cheese Video:
something to rely on
even you have confidence.
we can still dream for what we won't see.
this hate cures boredom
unconvinced by failure.
drowned within alcohol, mutilated by bleach.

Memories drifting back, tell me what you're looking at.
fool yourself, carnivore queen, radio cheese.

"i win again" ends
time stopping good friends
reaction to flash
slaves forced to humiliate you.
sexist approach and you'll see how they suffer.
held against the will of whom they represent.

the next one hears out, and you should do too.
eyes in the mind, invisible pupil.
you might have the power,we might raise fists.
raised to the roofs as your god is still pissed.

thats all they put on - radio cheese.
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