Quoi, Ma Voisine, Es-Tu Fachee? Lyrics

Jane Siberry

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Lyrics to Quoi, Ma Voisine, Es-Tu Fachee?
Neighbour, what has you so excited? Do tell me please.Haven't you heard a child is born that all want to see?Son of a pure and modest virgin, Mary's her nameThey say her baby is the savior prophets proclaim I would be pleased to go with you, so likely I'll goBut can we take our time to see him? Shop on the road?Have you some cake to take the infant? Sugar-plums, too?I'm sure that Mary's house is lovely, tidy and new I am afraid that you're mistaken, wrong as can beThis blessed maiden has no splendid rich place to stayFor she lies within a wretched stable dirty and poorThere is no table for your presents, only the floor Surely she has a warm soft cradle there for the childOne has to rock and calm an infant so weak and so mildWhat sort of guards and servants has she to give her aid?Cannot the heavenly father's power help the poor maid? All they could think to find for a cradle - a manger bedBundle of dusty, dry straw to pillow his headJoseph, her husband, he cares for Mary best as he canIn place of servant, ox and donkey are looking on Traveling tires me, and this journey seems a long wayOnly to see a new-born baby lying on hayMaybe you shepherds find excitement in this affairBut I am used to things much better in which to share You must not talk that way, my neighbor - mark what I sayUpon my honour, this is our saviour born on this dayIt is his choice to come so humbly there in a stallGranting his pow'r and grace so gently to one and all O blessed mother, free us all from arrogant prideMay we, when life on earth is ended, hasten to your sideDaring to hope you will present us to your dear sonAnd that we'll gain the bliss and joy of paradise won

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