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Lyrics to Queen of Relax
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You spend your days with this inside cat
Who goes out when you take her out and no more than that
She's got her usual perches and she sheds in the bath
But when you've worked hard all day, she's the queen of relax

See the girls go by
See the stars at night
See just what it's like to be lonely
Come on, clap your hands and forget command
Don't you think it's time for a car crash?

Get out while you can

You got your future lined up like it's string on a loom
You've got a nice batch of shows you can TiVo on your honeymoon
You keep yourself busy, keep yourself wombed
Thought you'd think about it later, but later is soon

I'm not saying I'm doing any better
But all that I wanted is all that I got
I fucked up and screamed "Give me whatever!"
And all that I wanted is all that I got

Yeah, she's the Queen of Relax
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