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Lyrics to Quantity Of Sadness
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Quantity of sadness! To hear the waves of hate
It seems that only way out is through inhumanity's gate
I see my whole world burning, I'm near the point of breaking
Where life has lost it's meaning and everything for me has died

Doesn't matter how you define your destiny
In the end we all are lying six feet under

Velocity of madness is gaining fast
I'm travelling through the flames of my mental hell
Painfully it burns my mind and soul
I taste the blood on the nails from my prison wall

How many times can my soul be torn apart?
How many lies before I turn numb to this all?
How many nights until I'm sleeping the endless one?
How many cries for freedom that releases pain away?

Dreaming of things I can't ever reach
Feeling the emptiness so deep it makes my heart bleed

Destiny of soulless! Looking back dark path
Trying to see ahead, but there's only pitch black void
Finally I succeeded to wade myself out
And saw how the sky had turned into crimson red
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