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The Zolas

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Lyrics to Pyramid Scheme
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Take a vow
Take a vow of jealousy
Falling strangers calling your name but
Take a vow

It never was you
The one to come through
You keep me subdued with painted tongues
And I get darker as you get lighter
And I get smarter as you get dumb

I don't mean to disappoint you
But I won't be your little guy
'Cause you know I'm gonna fight
Through the sunshine and through the night
I'm coming, war

I smell the blood of a Caucasian
Be we alive or be we dead
He'll grind our bones to make his bread
One day I saw one while climbing a tree
He said, "I'm gonna let you in on my pyramid scheme."
I said "Thank you for the offer, but it's not for me, see
I'd rather be a man in the skin of a beast
Than be a beast in the skin of a man
And then he knocked me out

Shake me from this wretched dream
Staring at the great unseen
We ain't got nothing because nothing's clean
We ain't got nothing because nothing's free
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