Putting It To Bed Lyrics

Tim Daniel

Putting It To Bed

Lyrics to Putting It To Bed
Putting It To Bed Video:
I'm calling time on you and me,
Don't require a victory
I've lost the anger, let it out
The last tear has run inside my mouth
No need to say, I survivied
I'm making up for lost time
I guess I'll never know
Never know how can anyone got from hot to cold
Just like that
I never will forget, but I'll forgive
I'm so over it

I'm laying it all to rest,
I'm putting it all to bed, tonight
Sleep bitterness, sleep tight
Thank you for your time
I'm putting it all to bed, tonight
'Til next time

Well, people talk, I don't miss a thing
Down to what you're driving
I've gone full circle to find I care
You may find some day you need me to be there
The only game I can find
Is to join the dots from your heart to mine
And ever since that day, since that day
I must have called you every name under the sun
Every last one
But tempers fade, and now I wish you well
Don't go to hell!


So goodnight, goodbye
It'll be alright in the morning
Lights out, gotta sleep now
I will be safe and sound in the morning

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