Lyrics to Putrescence
Putrescence Video:
[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Decomposition over many years
Old malodorous unknown stiff
Pathogenic germs into organism

Extensive physical alterations
Yellowish cutis - palor mortis
Algor mortis with mortification
Evaporation of dried mucous membrane

Livor mortis on the calves
Deltoid muscle with rigor mortis
Cataleptic stiffness of fingers
Pallid blotches along a tattooing

Postmortal imbibition of humours
Chemical change of tissular substance
Gastric content in coeliac cavum

Advanced fermenting autolysis
Viscous autodigested perforation
Ascendent putrefactive process
Unbearable cadaveric stench

Formation of ammonia and sulphide
Turgid bloated face
Brown discharge from nose
Vascular drawing on a shoulders

Bursting and desquamating blisters
Missing ears, yawning eye sockets
Oxidative progression of rottenness
Shrinkage of swollen body

Smell of putridity fades away
Melting colliquated organs
Mold proof beard and incisors
Greyish slough on the zygoma

Biological factors during putridness
Maggots consume the sinews
Destruction by rodents, mammalia
Effects of biters and claws.
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