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Lyrics to Put'cha Cream On It
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(Don B.) Yeah, what's happenin'? This yo boy Don B. with the Big Boy Storm what's happenin'? Tell 'em how you feel? [First Verse] Off top I be the pimpstress madam, the main Missus Loved by niggas and hated by all bitches The dirt do'er, I'm actin' bad for my riches Cross me wrong, I leave ya floatin' with the fishes Peep the scandolous, a grown man couldn't handle this Niggas wanna try but they be left wrapped in bandages Evangilistic killers, drug users to drug dealers All wanna get a feel-uh I like the top billers, frontin' C's cuz cash rules plenty On point like Jean, got 'em Jonesin' like Freddy Holly Grove is in me and I got's to bring the ruckus Uptown is representin' fuck all you cocksuckers Hoes, they wanna be me Niggas can't wait to see me I step in the joint, and make the whole set steamy I like them thugged down niggas and you know me Now watch me represent and get down dirty Chorus: Niggas represent, I got a team on it Niggas put'cha cream on it Niggas be down to scheme on it How do you want it? Scandolous design Give me time, cuz pimps be hard to find (2x) [Second Verse] Big Storm the infamous, them hoes better beware Gimme a boatload of niggas and I'll handle that there Cuz I swear, I ain't no joke comin' off of the dome You see I'm only nineteen, but yet I'm quite grown Make ya leave your own home, have your kids callin' me Mommy While your ol' man find the time to wine me and dine me You fallin' behind, steady askin' me why Cuz I'm a pimp and pimps be hard to find That hoe should've known I wasn't jivin' See I'm connivin' A top notch pro, with perfect timin', I ain't lyin' Full of deceit, givin' 'em grief But to niggas, Storm spells relief To hoes it spells beef Still I stand, the one they all envy Silly hoes I hate, but to niggas I'm quite friendly Killin' 'em gently, I be bout that dough Picture this comin' straight from the N.O. hoe [Third Verse] Who keeps your shit the hardest? It's me, the goddess Receivin' all the stares, lyrically debunaire I dare for you to bring it, your peeps are slow singin' Make it a lesson taught, revealin' you shouldn't have fought Against the woman with the cold heart It ain't my fault that'cha can't finish what'cha start And I could put to halt the shit you put together In seconds and do it better Never say never, Storm reigns supreme forever I got'cha niggas open, outspoken and never jokin' You want a toke it? My shit so fire, leave this joint smokin' I got the goods to keep it tight no doubt It's me ya dreamin' about Fake niggas gotta re-reroute I got clout, and I'ma keep it My game run in secret Be strategic, niggas weak and they'll believe it Peep it, I keep 'em sprung before they know what is done Stick 'em, you too could be my very next victim Chorus (2x)

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