Lyrics to Put Yo Bets On Me
Put Yo Bets On Me Video:
(feat. Kendro, Trae, Lil B, and 311)

[Intro x2]
Slow Loud And Bangin' we
Slow Loud And Bangin' we
Slow Loud And Bangin' we
Slow Loud And Bangin', for you hating ass niggaz

See I plan to rip out ribs, and cut up shins
Twisting a couple of spines, since we still out on the grind
I came up from a sink, and worked my way up to a hund'
I'm throwing these chicks, have 'em spending like a ton
Now they feeling the boys, and two stepping a sorority
I treat 'em like Baby, rub it all in they face
I got a angry manage problem, dude I'm so rude
And crude and yet smooth, and they love how I move
And I went off backwards, pause and fast forward
I got the track on lock, and clown with one broad
From a distance I'ma spot em, ring 'em and bring 'em in
It's your boy Dro signing out, with two trends sweet

It's the young coon, using his vocabulary
Adding mo' yemps to his chick-tionary
Putting it down with them S.L.A.B. boys
If you didn't know, it's the year 2 double 0-3 holla

[Hook x2]
Slow, Loud And Bangin'
You niggaz, better put your bets on me
Fuck what you thinking
Cause we be, the S-L-A-B

For them haters, I'm on another vibe
Cause these trash niggaz, wanna slip and slide they ass out they place
Like they don't know, get off the block I'm in a fo' do'
Mind gone top blown, slow and loud and I'm in the zone
Still Dirty South representing, with the dub up and I'm corner bending
On hating hoes with a bad temper, attitude like fuck a nigga
I'm forever Maabing with my guerillas, grinding on for the scrilla
I gotta be paid I can't be broke, ain't no taking me for no joke
Hop in a Benz burning past hoes, if they can't fuck then they can't go
I ain't capping baby I'ma keep it real, like forty diamonds off in my grill
If a nigga slip caps peel, then they wanna know why I pack the steel
M double A-B for L-I-F-E, you can't see me no more G
I think it's cause of T-I-N-T, pop the trunk T-R-A-E
In your face with a mug on, on the West where the thugs roam
Duck low you in a slug zone, full speed and we getting it on
Stick and move like left and right, this 16 I done spit it tight
Like a virgin feel me dog, the rap game I hog

[Hook x2]

[Lil B]
Swang wide when I'm on the block
Do's open, cause I pop the lock
Niggaz quick to jock, when they see a thug
Riding double deuces, on a set of dubs
Mink on my rug, candy do'
With Pimp Skinny, on a optimoe
We glide and ride, on the Southside
But some of these niggaz, just qualified
I'm certified, when it comes to rap
Fuck around, and catch a bitch slap
When I flip my tongue, dropping bombs
Tweety bird niggaz, don't want none
Better stay calm, when I work my mouth
S.L.A.B. is coming, to break you off
From the Dirty South, and that is a fact
Lil B, gon lead the pack
Place a bet on that, or gon move around
Like Rock, I'm giving out smack downs
We the peoples rapper, paper stacker
Never ever, will I be a high capper
Just a hoe macker, and a ass capper
Hitting hard, like a line backer
I'm a bad actor, crawling like a tractor
Slow Loud And Bangin', we a major factor

[Hook x2]

Crawling from banging on corners, and still I made it order
Come from a family of killers, block bleeders and side holders
Under pressure I learned to walk, 311 don't do no bumping
From jumping I'm stomping, to your chest is where I'm dumping
Click coming like Armageddon, young hungry and famine
S-L-A-B keep on jamming, fuck with one you get the family
Spare me all the conversation, when you see me dog
Either out on the block or up in your spot, you still gon jam to this song
We Slow Loud And Bangin', if anything else is stated
It better be on the low, so a nigga don't find out you said it
Calicoes, Barettas and Rugers we got 'em all
Texas style I point you out, the crowd'll beat you down

[Hook x2]
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