Put The Past Behind Lyrics

Adam Carr

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Lyrics to Put The Past Behind
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Chorus l
The sky turns red
The silent screams ring in my head
Why werenÂ't you there

Verse l
I was there.
Wind blowing though my hair
Shouting out for you to be there

Chorus ll
You were meant to be the only one who's ever known
who I am! , who I'm not!
And who I wanna be!

Falling in and out of love
Same old storey
You told me we would get through

And for the tinyest moment
ItÂ's all not true!!

Verse ll
We could put the past behind
And look out for what we can find

I want you to see
Somebody mite be me

Chorus lll
We could put the past behind!!
Put the past Behind!

(Thanks to Adam for these lyrics)
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