Lyrics to Pushinpullin
Pushinpullin Video:
I'm in a corner, I'm in a bind (but)
I'm gonna move 'cause I've made up my mind

Feel the change comin' on
Light and fast is the right's song

My road is blocked before me
My load it lags behind
I stop the grabbers and I'm chucking the freeloads
Pushinpullin' I'm a fightin' both sides

Straight path, steady pace
All the rest is for fools and the lost face

Speeding heart's keeping time
Burden's heavy without like minds

Something better, something right
I want it bad and I'm not gonna take flight

Yelling stop from the top
At the bottom weights pull tight

Too slow, feet of lead
You make obstructions and they spin a fine web

Make demands, take my best
I need support and you act so helpless

Looking up in Downcity
I face the crowd and the town that don't fit me

What you are, is what you do
I cannot like you but I'd like to
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