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Wendy Darling

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Lyrics to Pushing Daisies/Marked
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Knees buckle
White knuckles
I am up late
And it's happening again
Take a shovel
Push it under
This is a test that I am failing
That's what you get
When you get your strength from another
Straight from his mother
Who was an evil woman back then
Some of that must have gotten into him

And this can't be good for me
But at least I tried
And it can't be good for you
To see me crying
And it can't be good for me

It makes no difference that I didn't do anything wrong
It changes things between us nevertheless - I am gone
I can feel it thick in the car when the quarters are close
Best notice I'm taking notice of the way you're taking notes

In the end, what will make a difference anyway
Cause in the end, what's the difference anyway
When, in the end, we'll be pushing daisies
In the end, I wanna be someone else's, "he loves me"
And it can't be good for me


What's that
Just a tape recorder
I'm gonna hear it
No, don't touch it
I don't touch it again - I can't hear anything
You can hear it later
What's that - What's that - No more today

I have love tattooed on my skin
It's my sign in a dead language
It's better that way, anyway
My words abuse love
I can't find the phrasing
To give it credit enough
And I make you rethink your vocabulary
You can't measure in letters or stanzas
One thousand words for this picture
On thousand pictures still lack what it deserves

She reminds me of me
Short of bones and blossom
Not her legs
But the direction in which we're prone to cross them
Not her lips
But the inspection and our tendency to gloss them
Just estimated your words under
And over, my ability to toss them
You're awesome

Hear him speak - I never will again
This is the hand in which the bibles were written
I'll lend my voice if you lend me your hand
You make me warm - I'll make you listen

The sun's so hot
I froze to death
Suzannah don't you cry
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Wait a minute
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