Lyrics to Pushin'
Pushin' Video:
Uh, yeah
Boy, you already know

Pushin', I'm pushin' still
You wanna try your luck? Well push it, still
Don't push it
I'm pushin', aye, I'm pushin' still
We pushin', hol' up, pushin', pushin', pushin'
I'm pushin', aye, we pushin', hol' up, don't push it, aye
If you pushin', don't try your luck, don't push it, aye
Try to fuck with us cause you know my boys are pushin'

Still on the corner for real, with that magnolia
My friends for real, still got a hundred in the storage
Yuh, like lil' nigga who be moving them pounds? huh
Lil' nigga in the studio like who be fucking those sounds up?
Aye, fuck around fuck some commas up
Aye, fuck around bring that llamma up
Aye, pull up in my black truck still
Niggas know my whole shit clique push for real

Pushin', pushin', on the highway pushin'
Lil' nigga don't hate on us, y'all tried, aye, don't push it
F-for real, might push your shit back
Ugh, pushin' that crap the way I push these tracks
Pushin', pushin', pushin' for real
Pushin', pushin', we pushin' still
Aye, lil' nigga don't push your luck
Tryna push with us fuck around get pushed up

Aye, fuck around and whip that Carolla
All the way down to the south-side on my Motorola
Aye, my phone be still goin' dumb
Got at least four lines on that, drum
Aye, lil' nigga feel like a drone
So much god damn dro bitches think I sell a goddamn cologne
Aye, that shit be smelling so for real
You know a nigga like me about to re-up on that deal

Pushin', we pushin', I'm pushin' for real
Pushin', don't push you luck boy, for real
Cause my rich deal out here pushin' that still
Aye, you know we pushin' out here for real
Pushin', pushin', pushin', don't push it
Aye, pushin', pushin', I'm still pushin'
Talking they shit, your luck bruh, don't push it
Fuck around with us, head, we'll mush it

Damn, lil' nigga's got a Rolex
Pull up on my corner with that Bowflex
Damn all my friends got that weight, uh
They be like hold up bruh, your shit, is great
I'm like yeah I know for real I get it from the...
I can't even tell you my plug cause that is lame
Shit why the fuck would I even mention a name
Niggas just need to know that I'mma keep that cocaine
Hey, LSD all in my pockets
Shout's out to my, my, my boy A$AP Rocky
Aye, cause you know pushin' is for real
I'll be all in Texas, leanin', still pushin'

Pushin', pushin', aye don't push it
Pushin', pushin', aye we pushin', aye
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