Lyrics to Push It To The Limit
Push It To The Limit Video:
The pen a hold that
I don't hold back
I want the whole of that
But there's a hole in that
They try n hold me back
They try to distract
But fuck a diss track
We just chib that
We let a rib crack
Plus we spit that
You say it's just rap
You dinny live that
Plus you're shit at rap
And we're the shit at that
Spitting that like diplomats
I kick it and I (Push it to the limit)

I'm not an M.C. don't lie like M.P's
Just M.E on the mp3's
With cheddar ad cheese but a rap for free
Feel like the whole worlds backs to me
Then it's back to me to try and switch the odds
Working full time trying to quit the job
No time to record no signs or awards
Don't even get a fucking round of applause
Spent all this time trying to break through
Seems like cunts try and break you
One Scottish scene don't get take two
Trying to be someone would take to
Making money was the goal it is still
Rapping in the mirror never gave me a thrill
So when I do it now my reflection stays still
He just stands with a smile cause he knows that I will
If you got skill but still got bills
No one pays attention and you feel you could kill
That's the right track cunt That's the struggle
You can't run tracks without jumping the hurdles
Not running in circles when Iv got the pen
Not got it backwards like my name my friend
In the end raps real it's no pretend
Trying to right wrongs trying to make a mense
Trying to make a mense aye right then
Trying to drive a Benze so I write then
With a paper and pen over and over again
Cause even when Iv got money knout to spend
And I doubt you ken and a doubt wev met
And I bet that your knout without the net
Without a cheque and without getting signed
Your not a rapper your a cunt that rhymes

And You know us
We're the choose ones
We stay focused
So explosive
And your not us
So just stop cause
You have just lost
And your not gonna win [x2]

I write my rhymes ignite my tongue
I got two minutes to shine my times begun
If you think of the ink as the light that I brung
I could keep Edinburgh city alight for a month
If I ever fall off getting right back on
But you'll never fall off
Wouldn't like that huh
If I keep shining like this I might be a star
If I keep writing like this is might see me far
And I know we can make it now
Heard your hating how
Deeko and Werd allow we to take a bow
People have said that we are under rated now
Is it because we are the favorite now
Is it because we make the greatest sound
Or is it the fact we are straight in the gayest crowd
Or is it the way we switch styles to the sound
Of what we built allow me to break it down
I'm tired of hearing you cunts spitting politics
Write a hot verse maybe a follow it
You know hot bars I got allot of them
Like a jailhouse in hell are you following
Keep going keep moving keep flowing
Keep doing your music keep pushing that shit
We knowing we hoping we going to the top
Won't stop if we (Push it to the limit)
Got to write this all that I got
Goes in to the pen everything that I jot
Is a blessing in disguise
My body of work gets bit
Just as if was the body of Christ
Cause I love it when I spit it if I didn't I'm lying
I'm addicted never quitting gotta finish the line
Middle finger to all the pricks all you critics of mine
Stop bitching reload new song keep firing
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