Lyrics to Push Away
Push Away Video:
I was supposed to be an image of your soul (every yesterday)

But I was born of another blinded faith (starting to push away)

Every fiber of my frame is like a flooded vein

I got it all to gain if I keep letting it flow

Never, not been on my own

Never let this truth be shown not afraid to be alone and I'm just letting you know

Chorus Don't tell me what's right or wrong there's two sides to every story

Why don't we just get along, the age that separates our lives

Look at me now because I'm living what's been lost (long before my time)

Head to head and even I found my cure (starting to push away)

Every cell that binds that my soul is like a story told

The ending won't unfold till I've done all that I can

I'm ripping time apart, to get another start

Life made into an art, a painting of a man with a chance


I'm never gonna fall down. I'm never gonna fall down and break.
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