Purple Chin Lyrics

Conor Oberst


Lyrics to Purple Chin
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I traveled a million miles by myself
Am I here, or am I somewhere else?
I'm somewhere else, and I smile as to misplace
I woke up and I was face to face
With some strange evil that I just can't erase

And at times I guess I don't care about this [?]
But I can't let it trouble me,
Not with such great possibility
Will it come, Will it come? We'll just have to wait and see

I have to steal what I cannot take
Once I learn what's at stake
Why are we still standing here, here, here, still standing here

I've been pushed in, I've been thrown out
I've blew up the things you only read about
Destructive blood runs through my head
And all the things that are left unfed
How can I sleep when my life is sick in bed?

Like an airplane coming down
Trying to walk or lounging around
I don't know, I don't know but I can't just give up anymore
You gave up, I lost ten
If I had known now where I've been
But someday I plan to go back there again once again

I have to steal what I couldn't make
Once I learned what I couldn't take
And I know what was the best
Each time we put the best to rest
To rest, gonna put it all to rest
To rest, we put it all to rest
It's time I put it all to rest
To rest
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