Lyrics to Purple Apple
Purple Apple Video:
My watch is five minutes slow.
I have only two dollars.
I called and called and called
but no one came.
I can live without friend.
Music and tea relax me.
So, I am ready to hear bad news.

I don't care whether I win or lose.
I am ready for the game.

I lost the train last night.
I was quite wet from head to foot.
How do you get to know I am ill?
A bright idea flashed on me.
So I must be going now.
you know, there is a time for everything.

Does everyone feel nothing?
I am a stranger even now.

What is happiness?
Is that beautiful?
What is ordinariness?
Please, tell me.
This beer tastes flat.
That's like popular song.
What is a balance?
Is that necessary?
What is ordinariness?
Please, lend me.
This apple have no seeds.
That's like popular song.
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