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Puppet Strings

Lyrics to Puppet Strings
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Hey what's the matter with the style I wear
'Cause I never thought I'd end up here
And you wear a face that holds a selfish smile

But it's not enough to care
It's not enough to know me
If you woud only give me somethin'

I'd be your everything

Take all the masks and lay them down on me
And try to make me what you think that I should be

'Cause it's not enough to share
And really get to know me
With all the changes you make of me

I'll be your everything

Why do I have to stay with this charade?
'Cause I used to be a man of dignity

Now I've found enough to care
And pick up all that was me
To lay the masks down on your doorstep

I was your everything
But it wasn't m
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