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The Wrens

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Lyrics to Pulled Fences
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White lights are calling
The dreamers are falling
Let down my heart
Let down my heart

And little by little
The way into my heart
They run against
They run against the wind

So believe me when I show
You can't go on again
You can't sing what you want

And dreams could believe me every time
And deceive in time and rhymes
I just can't feel all right behind my heart

And walk-off dreaming
Believe it when you see it
You can't come back
No, you can't come back

There was work to be done here
There were dreams left to construct here
And you walked away
You walked away

And then you came and took my hand
You waited time, again
You said it all comes clear

And you said I learned this once before
You gotta walk it through the door
You just can't change no one anyway

So fight, believe what you gotta find
Hold your hand until it's mine
Gotta leave it all behind this time

So dream, dreams I could not sell
I was lost in the forest as well
And you came around to me anyway

And you said just hold
You got some good thing you ought to know
You got a good thing you want to show
You got to leave them all behind

You got to run and leave them all behind
They'll follow you in time
Just you wait
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