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Lyrics to Pull Out Ya Gutz
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illmat!c:here comes the rula child back with the buddha stylelyrically a plus in front of your eyes booyakathe drop topper soulshocker hardrockerverbal gunpopper all up in your block ahwhat the fuck ha! you never move in silencebringin' you the violence straight from greek islandsyour sound is gay fagott i don't playmy style is john blaze and magic like hardawayi fade them all like jamal explode like nitroflow like a hydro muthafuckin' psycodon't touch that mic my cliques aroundi ride on pelham power holdin' it downi bring the ruff rugged burn mcs like a rocketraw i can't stop it moses luv iti write like the sun ain't shine so put your light oni got what you need nigga you gots to ride onchorus:here comes my bodyblow here comes the uppercutsi got the rhymes that make you pull out ya gutzj-luv:you might wanna diss me you might wanna talkbut i will be the one that stalked you downand beat your ass nigga way down to the groundleave you layin' with no frownlaughin' at you fuckin' clown so what you wanna doit's just me and you yeah!illmat!c:i bite your ass like a pitbull spit you faster than a pistoli kill any mc you try to run but i get youshittin' on you cuz you never understand the rhymes that i buildbitch you need a shield or i beat you down like hollyfielddon't mess don't test you fuckin' with the besti'm full of stress blastmaster like krs yesready to battle hard like heavy metal in your zoneso get your whack ass homei'm in your system in your brain with legendary wisdomcontrol your body and your moves you better listenthe kingpin swing like shaolin up in your townbefore you look around you'r six feet undergroundillmat!c:you know my team 3p clean up on the sceneno dream microphone fiend still supremelettin' off steam makin' cream the last crusadercut you with laser just like darth vadersweet like jada but i burn like the sunlyrical gun hit your face on the run sonyou wanna know why i flow over the traxit's simple i'm blessed baddest man on waxwhat's next i flex and you wanna know who's the realestfuck that i'm the illest you know what the deal istopbillers nuff succsess your time is uphere comes my bodyblow here comes the uppercuts

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