Public Relations (Reprise) Lyrics

Jimmy Buffett

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Lyrics to Public Relations (Reprise)
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Sanders Mr Paperman, go home. Listen to me. Pretend you had a nightmare, and woke up. This island is a hoodoo, there's death in it, and this is just the beginning. Give it up. Whatever you've invested, forget it and go back to New York. Go home. Norman I felt the ground shake I'm out of water Critical picture But things ain't that bad We could be living In Communist China Wearing pajamas And shouting comrade I'll fix the Gull Reef It will be my salvation We're only talking A few renovations Goodbye to public relations It ain't what I do Goodbye forever to public relations Public relations no longer my fate This is my life and this is my island Starting life over is never to (sic) late [Speaks, to Sheila] Get Hippolyte!

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