Lyrics to Public Relations
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Spoken: I was born on an island The island of Manhatten Dreamt all my life of a career on the Great White way Producer Norman Paperman Director Norman Paperman And I made it! In sort of an off the wall way I found my Calling-Listen Singing: Up every morning, out every evening Hustling for headlines, that's what I do Table at Sardi's, grappling for gossip Working the press for a mention or two [Paperman Cont.] I never acted like some nervous rookie Right form the start I was hot as a cookie I was a numero uno What a debut Chorus: Public Relations, Public Relations Boozing and schmoozing, that's what I do PR's my vocation And I'm a sensation Public relations Such hullabaloo But I went full throttle Never could slow down Then out of nowhere a mild heart attack Middle age crisis Face the big questions Had to get off of this foolish fast track It all started out As an add in the paper Now it's turned into A tropical caper But it's only public relations And thats what I do Chorus: Public Relations, Public Relations Ego inflation, that's what I do Isn't it wonderful, isn't it fabulou Public Relations, such hullabaloo Iris: Give this some thought Norman Things can get sticky Here in the tropics Wine turns to glue Norman: I've never seen such a beauitful ocean Iris: Holy sweet Jeues, he's got no clue Norman: I'll buy this place I am expatriating Iris: You as a landlord Sounds intoxicating Both: It's only Public Relations Who's screwing who Chorus: No, not that old PR Of the yacking and quacking Making folks happy That's what I'll do Sun shine and sea air Palm trees, martinis That's what I yearn for--like you, you, and you Just give me some time And I'll make it come true!

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