Pt. 2. The Aftermath Lyrics

I Am Hunger

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Lyrics to Pt. 2. The Aftermath
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All the sorrow that we caused has put its track to my mind.
All the sorrow withered me and left you far behind.
A veil of memories of us remains in me and you.
Our wills are forcing us, directing us in different routes.
I find it hard to breath and hard to see the end of the line.
Hours digging down the soil to find a space to grow.

I'm eating light bulbs at dawn, to make my anguish shine through the gloom.
But you are losing touch, fading away, lost in the vacant space of yourself.
Piece by piece I'm falling apart, framing my face with a flawless smile.
Toxic phrases spills out of my mouth, and my heart is at the breaking point.

I don't know how long I can bare this ace.
I find it hard to breath, hard to see, any logic here at all.
And my heart is at the breaking point.
This race of ours has winded me, it's time to unclench our hands and walk away.

Cuz we've been drifting for far too long now.
If I only knew the right way to where we were.
If I only knew why, we're hiding ourselves in this masquerade.
And why, we depend on our failures, instead of letting `em go.
Oh I know I'm not the only one...
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