Pt. 1 The Letting Go Lyrics

I Am Hunger

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Lyrics to Pt. 1 The Letting Go
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Let's end our vows, and put the dreams that we shared aside.
Cause promises are made to be broken, exactly like you and I.

The flood is coming undone, reaching higher than ever before.
Showing no mercy to what we've left behind.
Brick by brick, torn apart what once was called our home.
Our realm shall be reborn, shall be reborn.

I know we rose from the dead,
I know we fell and came back on our feet again.
But you can always reach a breaking point.
(You can never reach me now.)
What do you think that I'm made off?
I'm flesh and bones in this masquerade.
See the pledge that we made, walk down on it's last crusade.

I fear there's nothing left.
Oh the dreams we shared, oh the pain that we've gone through.
The endless static of my own remorse brings me to my knees.
Our realm shall be reborn, shall be reborn.

I don't really even know what's worst.
The letting in or the letting go.
I try to clip the cords, but I can't.
No I can't, let you go.

I'm not empowered by the strength to withhold,
I'm afraid I'm giving up on myself.
I'm giving up on us.
Letting go, the letting go.
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