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Lyrics to Psychological Immorality
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It began under the dictatorship of a dark lord with the mindset of world supremacy set in years past
Our nation picked up the pieces of a slain giant and continued to shape a psychological immorality
Minds control on mass scale in post war endeavors, a shameful instrument once used to take over the deteriorating world
Unspeakable experiments cast on the on the blameless with no justification or rational reasoning
Deprivation of food, withering the helpless into fading, cadaverous bodies corroding at the mouth
Forced sleeplessness, causing the brain to malfunction and shut down, leaving the patients to fall into mental illness
Immense shock treatment and drug intake injected at the vein to degrade the human body and its weakening organs
Blackening all luminescence to puzzle the mind to create dread of the time that lay ahead
A discharged invasion of the mind, a program now Americanized
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