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Lyrics to Psycho C-Town Girl
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You're the biggest psycho that I've ever known
Giving me prank calls on the phone
When dogs see you they start to moan
Then they feel bad so then throw you a bone
I hate you more then you'll ever know
You're nothing but an ugly ho
You're as immature as an eight-year-old
And clean your vaginini cause it smells like mold
You're stalkin' me like celery and there you are everywhere I look
You're a psycho bitch and you have more problems then a calculus textbook
I don't like you but you seem to not want to realize the truth
If I had my way you'd be Abe Lincoln and I'd be John Wilkes Booth
Psycho C-Town girl (girl, girl)
You're in another world (world, world)
Messed up in the head (head, head)
You're life starts to swirl (swirl, swirl)
Going down the drain (drain, drain)
All you do is complain (plain, plain)
Your life really sucks (sucks, sucks)
And I feel your pain (pain, pain) Not!
All the things you do they get me mad
Because you think you're so friggen bad
You're the worst girl that I've ever had
But all I can say is that you're sad
I don't get why you do the things you do
Maybe you should see yourself from my view
I will never get back with you
Cause I look at you and I think "doo-doo"
[Break] I don't get you (8x)
[Chorus 2X]
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