Lyrics to Psychic Gravity
Psychic Gravity Video:
Here I am
In the line, waiting
Anxiously I can feel myself transcending to another place
Another state of mind
Part of me is embarrassed of my desires
And the other part that brought me here to this place
Never before seen by our being until this day
This day will change our lives forever
Our people as a complete structure of this universal scene
That stretches our imagination, and expands our consciousness
To a place that we will end up fearing
And becoming more than we can ever profit from
Iʼm starting to feel affected by the people surrounding me
I can feel each of us collectively feeding, and receiving off of our energies
Itʼs starting to grow stronger now
And there is a pulse to this
It feels like infinite waves of life

Hey - I - My - God

Keeping up at this pace has changed me
And I can never be the same
I wonder what happened to the naive
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