Lyrics to Pss Pss
Pss Pss Video:
[Verse 1]
I saw you doing peace signs with the F.B.I
Might've tried that in the future before so don't lie
All dead dogs go to heaven cause dumb bitches let them in
They're just racist and they wanna fuck
God chills out cause she doesn't touch
This is where I don't come in
This is where I have been maybe
Have a sad cum, baby

I fuck it out and I dip-dip-dip
Drop you like asses and you trip-trip-trip
I can't stop it when I drip-drip-drip
You can't stop it when you drip-drip-drip
I piss on your face like I'm PSS-PSS-PSS
You lick up the place like you're PSS-PSS-PSS
We pick up the pace like we're PSS-PSS-PSS
I'm the fuck you're chasing like PSS-PSS, PSS-PSS, PSS-PSS

[Verse 2]
My shit's been retarded since beginning of time
I'm up in your party like sickest one line
I'm the only thing ever on my mind
You're one of those things I never rewind
I'm coming out your pocket like carving pools
With my jewels
I'm throwing heebie jeebies like iTunes
The cars that go boom
These are my gold bars melted on spoons
My junk hits like martial law
You nod like true


If I were her and she was him we would go and fuck ourselves again and again
Life is very dangerous and it wants to rearrange us like your friends, like the end
Show me into Target and I'll show you how I bought it with my mind in my mind
Touch it out in the parking lot, fuck me while the whole world watch us waste our time

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